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References to periodical papers must include (as applicable) the authors' names, paper title, periodical title, year of publication ,volume number, and page range. Book references should include (as applicable) authors' names, book title, chapter/ section title, page range, editors' names, publisher's name and location, and year of publication. Papers from proceedings should include the location and date of the relevant meeting, as well as the name and location of the publisher and the year of publication. Formats of typical references are as follows: (a) Book [1] GAN Fuxi. The Modern Science and Technology of Glass (in Chinese). Shanghai: Shanghai Scientific and Technologic Press ?1990: 230 ?300. [2] MATKOVICH V J. Boron and Refractory Borides[M]. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 1977: 457 ?466. (2) Paper in a monograph [1] SEYFERTH D. Applications of transition metal compounds in the preparation of useful silicon-containing ceramics[M]//AUNER N ed. Organosilicon Chemistry: From Molecular to Materials. Weinheim: VCH Verlages Gesellschaft, 1994: 269?274. (3) Paper in a proceeding [1] KUSUNOSE T, CHOA Y H, SEKINO T, et al. Strong machinable nano-composite ceramics[C] //BANSAL N P ed. Innovative Processing/Synthesis: Ceramics, Glasses, Compositesa!. Westerville, Ohio: American Ceramic Society, 1998: 443 ?454. (4) Paper in a conference [1] BEAUGRAND S, DAVID P, BRUNETON E, et al. Elaboration of carbon-carbon composites by rapid densification process under pressure [C]//1st World Conference on Carbon, Berlin, Germany, 2000: 9 ?13. (5) Report [1] DICARLO J A. High performance fibers for structurally reliable metal and ceramic composites[R]. NASA N85-12095, Los Angeles: NASA, 1985: 49. (6) Dissertation paper [1] WANG We  { | $ % . 1 f g ~  ? J L ` j l n ? ? ? ? ?      ??????t?i?t?t?[?t?t?[?[?P?[?t?h?KcCJQJaJo(h?Kch?KcCJQJaJo(h?`?CJQJaJo(h?Kch Z\CJQJaJh?Kch Z\CJQJaJo(h?Kch Z\QJaJo(0h?Kch Z\B*CJKHOJQJ^JaJo(ph-h?Kch Z\B*CJKHOJQJ^JaJph-h?I"h Z\B*CJKHOJQJ^JaJph9h?I"h Z\5?6?B*CJKHOJQJ\?]?^JaJph ?% . R ????x???&\????????????????$?*???d?WD>?^?*`???a$gd Z\?*???d?WD>?^?*`???gd Z\ ?hd?WD?`?hgd?u? ?hd?WD?`?hgd Z\d?gd Z\$d??d?d1$[$\$a$gd Z\ " $ > P R Z  !????????????  :<>bf?????????????????:<J`hltxz|~????tx???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????h?u?CJQJaJo(h?KcCJQJaJo(h,v?CJQJaJo(h?Kch?KcCJQJaJo(h?Kch Z\CJQJaJo(h?Kch Z\CJQJaJH??????????  "$>@Z\??????$&(*,.0B\^`bd?????????????????????????????????{o{h?,?h?,?CJaJo(h?,?h?*?CJaJh?,?h?*?CJaJh?,?h Z\CJQJaJo(h?,?h Z\CJQJaJh?`?CJH*QJaJo(h?Kch Z\CJH*QJaJo(Uh?Kch Z\CJQJaJo(h?KcCJQJaJo(h?Kch Z\CJQJaJh?Kch?KcCJQJaJo(&imin. Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis and preparation of TiB2 (in Chinese, dissertation). Wuhan: Wuhan University of Technology ? 1998. (7) Continuous publication [1] FANG Y, ROY R, AGRAWAL D K, et al. Transparent mullite ceramics from diphasic aerogels by microwave and conventional processing [J]. Mater Lett, 1996, 28(1): 11 15. (8) Patent [1] PAN Shuming. Preparation method of high temperature superconductors (in Chinese). CN Patent, 12124540. 2000-05-24. [2] DAVID T, SCARINGELLA D, NASHUA N, et al. Method for densifying and refurbishing brakes[P]. US Patent, 5547717. 1996-8-20. (9) Standard [1] ASTM. ASTM D 4173-82 Evaluating Sheet Metal Forming Lubricant [S]. US: ASTM,1982. Non-English titles of books should include the English translation of the title, in parentheses, following the non-English title. Note: [-?],[#?] ?[$?] ?[*?], [P], [2?], [S] represent the class of the reference, respectively.     dhjpz~?????? fn??????????????????VXZ\???j l n p ? ? ? ?????????????????????????????????{?{?????????h?KcCJQJaJo(h?`?CJQJaJo(h?Kch Z\5?CJQJaJo(h?Kch Z\5?CJQJaJh?Kch Z\CJQJaJh?Kch Z\CJQJaJo( h?,?h?*?@?CJaJmH sH h?,?h?*?CJNHaJh?,?h?*?CJaJh?,?h?*?CJaJo(0\???? ? z!0#2#4#6#:#<#@#B#F#H#L#N#P#???????????????????gd,v? ?d?d1$[$\$gd Z\ ??d?`??gd Z\d?gd Z\ ?hd?WD?`?hgd Z\d?gd?*????m?d?7$8$WD ?^??`?m?gd?,?? ? ? ? !!P!X!z!~"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?".#0#4#6#8#:#<#>#@#B#D#F#H#J#L#N#P#R#T#V#X#Z#\#^#`#b#d#h#j#????????????????????????????????????????????????????????h?q?h,v?hN\h01hFO h01aJjh01U h?Kchd`+h?Kch Z\QJaJo(h?Kch Z\CJQJaJ h,v?o(h?Kch Z\KHQJh?Kch Z\o( h?Kch Z\8P#R#T#V#X#Z#\#^#`#b#d#f#h#j#????????????? &dP??gdN\ 01?82P??. ??A!?"?#??$??%??S?? ??b ?????????666666666vvvvvvvvv666666>666666666666666666666666666?6666666666?666666666666hH66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666?62???? 0@P`p??????2(?? 0@P`p?????? 0@P`p?????? 0@P`p?????? 0@P`p?????? 0@P`p?????? 0@P`p??8X?V~PJ_HmH nHsH tHJ`??J ck?e $1$a$ CJKH_HaJmH nHsH tH$A ???$ ????k=?W[SOBi???B nf?h????3?\`???/?[???G??\?!?-?Rk.?s???..???aG???PK!????6 _rels/.rels???j?0 ????}Q??%v/??C/?}?(h"???O? ??????=?????? ????C??h?v=?????%[xp??{?_?P????3?x?N??>???U?WL0?????z??}rx???{???h9T?8?T/?????????xY????'?~???3S????~????O_|w??)???Ht??=?a?+??d NG?1-Rl??1?RJ?wTKM1K????"?o he????PL-?|%????E??hY7?'qP.\L??=???d?q??3I?ofi?????.????B?Rb?-J??P_p?G ???i?K?t?d?h?F?i??o?7;7Q??2????????D?>a?/??Q?>?X??W? ??M?_?u??H?q?)?h? ???+:Vi?w?4r?B?q???"r???!??2l??a??C?b??U|????!8^n8?>?????,A???V?t????~ls???14??_=,???o?TV ?G??"????bH?????'?.?4??x??w-????E?|?F;??v??`?b3"G '?e????\?fH??O ???????'?$??i_wp??? ?>?*?8???i&?LY%\???,???x?=???????????? r6f? ??3???T???)??:aZ?K??L?s??&C ?M???0? 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F?}? 4??sKvUKo???h?~1?jYU???V?H??5U8?Vk;????L9????D ?? ???*|FL? ?????"??A3????>g??]??dm2iV??E?m?g x ,????  ?d? j# \P#j# ?@?  @????????? ??0?( ? ??B ?S ???? ???H??0?( ? ???h?2??i?2/j?2D/k?2?/l?2?/m?2$??uu?  y }}???  y 9*?urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags?place?8*?urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags?City?;*?urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags?chsdate?  ?1996?20?2000?24?5?8?Day?False ?IsLunarDate ?IsROCDate?Month?Year      6:???????kuvz????NO??????  / 6 ? ?           ^ ^ ` ` a a c d f g i j v y o?<t?????(8 | ? ? ? ?   4 p y ~ ^ ^ ` ` a a c d f g i j v y 33333333333 ??o??' ^ ^ ` ` a a c d f g i j v y ?????????????? y 5?4?,?[=e.[)d`+01aY1? 7?G?G}IHZ